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From single-storeys to high-rise, we handle it all

Since 2007, our team has earned a reputation as Melbourne’s trusted professional gutter cleaner. We’re trained to perform a range of versatile and effective cleaning techniques, allowing us to handle even the most challenging and inaccessible gutter-cleaning jobs.

The multi-year partnerships we’ve built with homeowners and building managers speak to the quality of our service. More than that, it’s the transparency of our prices and, we reckon, our good humour that keeps our clients coming back. We hope we’ll soon count you among them.

Our work

We’ve assembled a gutter cleaning ‘before and after’ gallery to show off our Melbourne team’s abilities and attention to detail.

Buildings we clean

From homes, high-rises, offices, and apartments, to schools, medical facilities, and industrial warehousing, our Melbourne gutter cleaning team does it all.

Buildings we clean

From homes, high-rises, offices, and apartments, to schools, medical facilities, and industrial warehousing, our Melbourne gutter cleaning team does it all.

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Clean gutters keep your home stylish and your family safe

We help our clients with a wide range of cleaning services, from pressure washing to roof cleaning. In our experience, maintaining clean gutters is the issue our clients struggle with the most. How couldn’t it be? You see your roof and walls every day; you know when they need a clean. But your gutters? They’re easy to forget.

Overflowing gutters can cause filthy water to stain and damage the exterior of your house. That damage could be permanent or repairable but at a bank-breaking cost. That’s if you’re lucky. Clogged gutters can force foul water to find the path of least resistance, which may be into your house, which can weaken ceilings and rot the structure.

Trust Bax Clean’s gutter cleaning services to keep your structure in top condition.

  • Heavy-duty vacuum gutter cleaning to remove deep clogs
  • Gutter guard cleaning removes trapped debris
  • Cleaning gutters inside out leaves them functionally clean

Why are we the most reliable gutter cleaning service around?

It isn’t just the range of services we offer — it’s our approach to our work. We offer unparalleled experience, convenient efficiency and budget-friendly transparency.

Gutter cleaning prices

The cost of your gutter cleaning project depends on the details of your property*. When offering a quote, we consider several factors, like the height of the building, size and condition of your gutters, and any unique challenges of your site. You can also use the following prices as a general benchmark.
Property type
Gutter cleaning cost
Residential gutter cleaning - single storey
$150 - $500+
Residential gutter cleaning - double storey
$185 - $550+
Low-rise (Owners Corp) apartment complex
$300 - $700+
High rise gutter cleaning
From $1,400+
* Disclaimer - Price is based on an average/normal amount of debris build up in the gutters and does not allow for any elevated work platform hire. Price depends on final access to the gutters and the amount/type of debris in the gutters. Prices above do not include removal and reinstallation of gutter guards. Final quote depends on the style of the gutter and roof and its safety and accessibility. If there is a flat roof, sweeping of the flat roof would cost extra.

Save 10% with our gutter cleaning packages

We can combine our services, including gutter, roof, window, and solar panel cleaning, into bespoke budget-friendly packages, saving you 10% on every additional service.

What can gutter cleaning include?

Gutter cleaning aims to thoroughly clean all components of a building’s water discharge system. These include the gutters, rainheads, valleys, roofs, pits, downpipes and gutter guards. 

At the start of a project, the Bax Clean team thoroughly inspects your site to uncover and assess all blockages and damage. Armed with that knowledge, we can discern the best cleaning method for the job.

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We’re fortunate to have stellar clients over the years, and we’re glad to know they feel the same way about us. Read some of our latest gutter cleaning reviews.
Google reviews
Bax Clean is rated 4.9 from 84 reviews
Hi reviews
Bax Clean is rated 4.9 from 49 reviews

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The Bax Clean offices are open six days a week. If you’d like to book a service with our team, we’ll happily schedule one at your convenience. Visit us at our Hawthorn office to discuss our services, or let us know if you’d prefer an on-site consultation.

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Google reviews
Bax Clean is rated 4.9 from 84 reviews

What makes Bax the best?

Hi, I’m Simon, founder of Bax Clean.

It’s my ambition to run the most trusted and professional cleaning service in Melbourne. For the last decade and a half, that’s exactly what we have been doing.

I’ve built a team of over two dozen experts, each of whom specialises in a range of cleaning services and who have exemplary safety accreditations. Still, we’re always upskilling ourselves in new techniques and adopting new products to bring our clients the best service possible.

  • We can clean all residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Our staff are highly trained in all our cleaning service offerings
  • We offer total peace of mind with same-day and emergency cleaning services

We have the expertise to place ourselves as one of the best in the business, and we have dozens of glowing gutter cleaning recommendations from our clients to back it up. Book a consultation, and I’m confident that by the end of it, you’ll agree.

About Bax Clean

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I book a gutter cleaning service?

Generally speaking, you should book a roof gutter cleaning job every 3-6 months. How often depends on where your home or business is located and whether or not there are any high trees nearby. When a Bax Clean specialist cleans your gutters, we can recommend a cleaning schedule that suits your location.

Can clogged gutters damage my property?

Blocked roof gutters can cause water to flow back into your property's structure, causing significant damage, including:

  • Structural damage
  • Rotting plaster and furniture
  • Pest infestations
  • Electrical damage

Water and debris overflowing from blocked gutters can seep under your roof tiles and waterlog, rot and stain the interior of your home — that’s not to mention the aesthetic damage it can do to the structure's exterior. All of these problems are attached to costly repair bills, so keep that in mind, too.

Will your cleaning technicians be safe working at heights?

Of course. Safety is the highest priority of Bax Clean. Working at heights is no exception.

Challenging jobs, like cleaning gutters on highrise buildings, require specialised approaches. Other gutter cleaning companies may not have the training and equipment we do.

Our professional gutter cleaners have full insurance and accreditations to put you and our team in the best possible hands. And whenever safety techniques improve, our team gets up to speed.

The credentials of our gutter cleaners include:

  • WorkCover protecting our employees from sickness and injury
  • Public liability insurance to protect both you and us from property damage
  • Occupational health and safety training to the highest standards
  • Height safety training for all gutter cleaning team members
  • Elevated work platforms for increased stability and safety
  • Industrial rope access to access all areas

Talk to the Bax team

All that’s left to do is get in touch. Please leave us your contact information and as many details as possible about your issue. Our gutter cleaning experts will be in touch with you shortly.

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