A Guide to Colorbond Roof Cleaning

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A Guide to Colorbond Roof Cleaning
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September 21, 2018
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Making it last: A Colorbond roof requires special attention

Colorbond roofs are built to endure extreme weather conditions and are relatively low maintenance compared to other roof types. You should get around 60 years out of a Colorbond roof, or longer if you treat it to some regular TLC. A once-a-year clean and maintenance check is far more affordable (and convenient) than a roof replacement.

Whether you’ve invested in a quality Colorbond roof for your new home or renovation, or purchased an established home with a Colorbond roof, here is our advice for keeping it in top condition.

Find out how the Bax team can handle your Colorbond roof cleaning for you.

Cleaning your Colorbond roof

We can bet that cleaning your roof is the home maintenance task that you've left until last. Roof and gutter cleaning is, after all, a massive undertaking even for two people. However, it remains a critical one. Maintaining your Colorbond roof with an annual clean will preserve its life expectancy and keep it looking great. A yearly check and clean by an experienced roof technician will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to preventing or treating rust, mould accumulation, and animals nesting in your roof or gutters.

For this risky and physically demanding job, we recommend approaching a specialist Colorbond roof cleaning company. Enjoy the peace of mind of leaving this task to the experts who have customised pressure cleaning systems and products and are equipped and qualified to scale taller roofs safely with rigging and harnesses.

Common Colorbond roof issues

cleaning lichen of colorbond roof

Moss, lichen, and dirt buildup on your Colorbond roof prevents water from properly draining away. Water pools lead to rust and rot over time, thereby causing roof degradation. Colorbond roof cleaning requires particular cleaning products to remove dirt, lichen, mould, and the like without damaging the integrity of the metal coating.

Common Colorbond roof issues, which a roof specialist will be able to investigate and treat, include:


They don’t have the life expectancy of your Colorbond roof. Depending on the conditions your roof has been exposed to, sealants will often need replacing around the 20-year mark.

Seam separation

This occurs with the natural expansion and contraction of the Colorbond over the years. Water and dirt ingress through the gaps can lead to more significant problems.

Fasteners and washers

These can either loosen or tighten up over time. Too tight and they can split. When they slacken, they leave gaps for water and dirt to get in.


Colorbond is primed, treated, and coated to resist corrosion, fading, and chipping; however, it is a metal and is therefore susceptible to rust. A roof technician can apply sealant if required and treat any rust spots.


Falling branches, as well as birds and animals walking on your roof, can lead to chips and scratches in the paint. This can easily be touched up in a perfectly matched shade by your roof technician.

DIY gutter cleaning tips

colorbond roof cleaning

Decomposing leaves and dirt piled in gutters slows drainage and makes it easier for water to come through the ceiling and walls. Moisture accumulation provides the perfect environment for moss, lichen, and mould to grow and the fascia to rot.

If your roof is above two-metres-high, we highly recommend engaging a professional gutter cleaner who will have the proper height safety equipment to get the job done. You can get started on your roof maintenance and save yourself some money by cleaning the gutters yourself, if you wish; just don’t attempt it solo. Get a friend or neighbour to help out, and follow our tips:

  • Protect yourself with a long-sleeve shirt and heavy-duty rubber gloves.
  • Cover the ground area below with a tarp to catch the mess.
  • Use a quality ladder on a stable surface.
  • Remove debris with your hands or a scoop and throw it onto the tarp below.
  • Flush the gutters and downpipes using a bucket or hose to check for leaks and blockages.

Arrange for a professional roof maintenance technician to inspect and address any leaks, damage, and holes you find.

For best results, count on a qualified Colorbond roof cleaner

Cleaning lichen off a Colorbond roof isn't easy, and it’s much safer to hire a professional roof and gutter cleaner to do this work for you. If you don’t have the right equipment and aren’t used to working at heights, it can be an arduous and dangerous job. We strongly encourage using a roof cleaning technician to give your Colorbond roof a professional clean and treat any issues they inspect.

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