Gutter Cleaning That Could Save Your Life

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Gutter Cleaning That Could Save Your Life
August 15, 2017
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Leave it to the Experts with Bax’s Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. Getting your gutters cleaned regularly allows them to do their job, that is, to protect your home from excess water flow and associated damage. You may be tempted to avoid professional gutter cleaning services in favour of cleaning your gutters yourself, but that can be a dangerous option.

According to a study completed by Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, deaths and serious injuries from ladder falls are on the rise. Many homeowners use ladders to access and clean out their gutters. Falls from as low as 1 metre have been shown to cause extreme harm to inexperienced ladder users. Care should be taken when using ladders to conduct home maintenance.

Common Gutter Problems

At Bax, we see a lot of problem gutters. All of which could be avoided by employing an experienced provider of gutter cleaning services. Here are the most common issues affecting gutters and their likely consequences:

Blockages in Gutters

Cleaning gutters involves clearing out all blockages so that water can be directed away from the house’s foundation, protecting the building from deterioration. Blockages can be caused by leaves, dirt and other organic matter falling into the gutter and decomposing.

When gutters or downpipes are blocked during rainfall, gutters may overflow. Excess water will then find undesirable routes of escape, including seeping through roof tiles (potentially causing ceiling collapse) and pooling at the building perimeter (increasing foundation instability and affecting soil quality). In drier, fire-prone areas, leaf matter collecting in gutters creates a serious fire hazard and must be attended to for safety reasons.

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Broken or Cracked Gutters

Similarly, broken or cracked gutters do not function as intended, and can cause water leakage, with even minor leaks leading to water stains, rusting, damage to paintwork and even wood rot. Under the pressure of harder rainfall, a small leak can become part of a much larger water damage problem. A gutter's ability to function can be compromised by factors such as harsh storms, falling tree limbs, rough ladder use or infrequent gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Professional gutter cleaning services address both blockages and repair issues to prevent the build-up of moisture in building materials, and associated issues such as infestations of pests, mould and bacteria. The reason for cleaning gutters is not just about water flow, but also about hygiene, as mould and bacteria growth in the home can have adverse health effects on occupants.

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More about Mould

Mould growth in the home or workplace can have a considerable negative effect on your family or employees’ health, especially if occupants of the building suffer respiratory illnesses or allergies. Mould thrives in dark, warm and moist conditions such as under flooring, in roof spaces, on walls and ceilings.

Mould can cause sinus congestion, sneezing, coughing, wheezing and respiratory infection, while also triggering pre-existing asthma and allergies. The people most at risk of these symptoms are those with:

  • Weak immune systems (especially babies, young children and the elderly)
  • Allergies
  • Severe cases of asthma
  • Chronic lung diseases

Treating mould is inconvenient and expensive. It is much easier to prevent it appearing in the first place by ensuring you keep your buildings well maintained.


Incorrect Gutter Installation

To successfully protect your home from water damage, gutters must be installed properly in the first place, as well as being cleaned two to four times per year. Water must flow easily through the gutter and throughout your drainage system. It is important to use the right gutters for your building, and this choice of gutter type may be affected by factors such as roof pitch and compatibility of building materials in the roof and gutter.

Do I Need Gutter Cleaning Services If I Have Gutter Guards?

The simple answer is yes. While gutter guards do keep out large twigs and leaves, silt will still get through the guard, and so you will still require gutter cleaning. Consider also that any permanent gutter guard can make regular gutter cleaning harder, and in some cases, impossible. Rather than trying to avoid regular gutter cleaning through installing guards, embrace it and be sure that you are taking the best course of action for the safety of the people in your home or office.

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Important Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

The health of your gutters has a strong correlation to the health of the inhabitants of your building, be it a family home or a workplace. By investing in professional gutter cleaning services, you are protecting the health of your family or employees. In the light of recent studies into death and serious injury caused by ladder falls, as well as the fire and other health hazards associated with blocked gutters, you may even be saving your own life.

Bax Clean Gutter Cleaning Services Keep Your Gutters Clean and your Building Safe

Bax’s expert team have all the OHS knowledge, insurance and experience to clean your gutters safely and the right professional equipment to get the best results. Don’t put your life at risk with a DIY attitude. Leave cleaning gutters to the professionals. A small yearly investment in gutter cleaning services can ensure your safety and prevent expensive damage to your property. Call Bax on [phone] to safeguard your building today.

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