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Skylight cleaning in Melbourne

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Skylight cleaning in Melbourne
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March 20, 2019
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Why you should hire a skylight cleaning service

Let us enlighten you

Natural light is a beautiful thing. It gets us out of bed. It allows us to go about our day. It gives us the daily dosing of Vitamin D that is so essential to our health. As well as these benefits, natural light can also:

  • Increase serotonin, the happiness chemical
  • Increase melatonin, the sleep and relaxation chemical
  • Suppress seasonal effective disorder, a mood condition common in winter

All buildings require natural light to promote health and well being. A popular way of achieve this is to invite light directly from the sky. Skylights are a common feature in modern builds, and can prove difficult to clean if not outsourced to a professional.

If your skylights need cleaning, leave it to Bax Clean. Our professional skylight cleaning service uses only the best materials and proven methods to achieve crystal clear results. Let us make your home brighter and happier all year round.

Why should I clean my skylights?

Due to their horizontal orientation, skylights are often cop the brunt of environmental grime, including rainwater, tree sap and bird droppings. Dirty skylights can result in several unintended consequences if not cleaned:

  • Deterioration. No matter how tough your outdoor glass and rubber sealants are, an excess of foreign material takes its toll on skylights over time, leading to decay.
  • Clouding. Small scratches and dirt buildup can lessen the effect of your skylight, leading to a dark and gloomy interior throughout the day.
  • Staining. If dirt, grime and mould is allowed to remain on a skylight, trace amounts can be washed away by rain, leading to stained walls and other surfaces around the home.

We recommend cleaning your skylights at least twice per year. This will result in a far more comfortable home for you and your family.

How do I clean my skylights?

skylight cleaning service

If you've been putting off some exterior window cleaning, here's some things to consider before you scale your roof.

  • Choose a cleaner. Depending on your preference, you can go a chemical cleaner like Windex, or an organic cleaner with ammonia and vinegar. Both methods will yield decent results.
  • Assemble your tools. Skylight cleaning requires all the standard window cleaning tools, like buckets, sponges, ladders and squeegees. You may also need some more heavy duty equipment, like scraper blades or razors.
  • Catch the drips. Any outdoor cleaning is best done with the protection of drop sheets or old towels. This will protect porous surfaces like timber and sandstone from being stained.
  • Don't have a fear of heights. Skylights are usually at one of the higher points on your roof, and often at an awkward angle. Make sure you are wearing adequate footwear, and stay clear of power lines.

Remember to clean the inside of your skylight as well, particularly if they are located in a kitchen or bathroom. Grease and soap scum can cloud skylights from the inside, diminishing the quality of light.

Is there an easier way?

skylight cleaning melbourne

Of course there is! Professional skylight cleaning services are just that - trained and dedicated professionals that will produce the best possible results. Any good professional window cleaner should apply the following method to cleaning your skylight:

  1. Initial cleaning. This process removes all of the surface grime and cobwebs from the skylight and the area surrounding it.
  2. Brush and polish. This is completed with a microfiber cloth and a thorough application of soap and water.
  3. Detailing. Hardier elements of debris will be removed with scrapers and razor blades.
  4. Final clean. Residual water, soap and material is removed with filtered water and professional grade squeegees.

Cheap window cleaners will not attend to your skylight with the same level of care. They often favouring cheaper materials, faster methods and unfiltered water to keep their prices low. This often translates to a poorer finish.

Why choose Bax Windows?

Bax Window Solutions are a level above other window cleaning services. We treat every skylight as a piece of art that needs to be restored to its former glory. Our attention to detail is second to none. Here's what we offer all of our valued clients:

  • Flawless finish. We apply the highest levels of detailed cleaning to any glazed surfaces, including solar panels, skylights and pool lights.
  • Service guarantee. From quote to finish, all of our friend staff are highly trained, and will treat your home with the utmost respect and care.
  • Safety first. As well as upholding industry safety standards, we are fully insured, ensuring that your home is protected and safe at all times.
  • Clear quoting. After we deliver our initial estimate and visit your property, we will fully itemise the final quote and deliver exceptional results within a deadline you set.

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