A guide to successful body corporate gutter cleaning

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A guide to successful body corporate gutter cleaning
Gutter cleaning
Bax Clean
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October 29, 2018
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We'll tell you the benefits of our professional body corporate gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an essential maintenance service for any body corporate property. But, is often overlooked. It’s usually a case of out of sight out of mind. Until it starts pouring rain and you have to deal with blocked or leaking gutters!

Do you have a regular gutter cleaning schedule for your owner/body corporate apartments and townhouses? Without one, they are likely to experience blockages over time. This leads to a lot of potential problems including water damage and flooding. Not to mention many unhappy tenants!

Schedule a gutter cleaning now. Call Bax on [phone] or contact us online.

Why it’s important to clean gutters regularly

Gutters are crucial from protecting doors, walls, ceilings and the foundation from water damage. But for them to protect your body corporate properties, they need to be regularly maintained. Doing so ensures they are not blocked with twigs, leaves, dust, or any other debris.

Scheduling regular owner/body corporate gutter cleaning ensures they are professionally cleaned safely, as well as compliant with all corrective maintenance rules and regulations.

Benefits of professional body corporate gutter cleaning

Here at Bax, we see a lot of blocked or leaking gutters that creates significant problems. Besides causing damage to property, it could have been prevented.

Benefits of regular gutter cleaning Melbourne include:

  • Prevents water damage in the property
  • Stops birds/bugs from nesting and causing building damage
  • Extends the lifespan of the roof
  • Protects against roof and gutter leakage and overflowing
  • Prevents damaging landscaping and soil erosion
  • Stops flooding occurring in the roof or basement
  • Prevents cracked foundations
  • Stops mould from happening
  • Eliminates the threat of a roof fire
  • Stops tenants from making emergency maintenance requests

Cleaning gutters regularly help prevent any problems from occurring. It can also end up saving a significant amount of money which would have been needed for urgent repairs.

body corporate gutter cleaning

The best gutter cleaning Melbourne services

With so many gutter cleaning services available which one is the right one for you? Using professional and experienced gutter cleaners is essential. Gutter cleaners who compete on price may cut corners and compromise safety and quality.

Professionals understand the importance of correctly and efficiently cleaning your gutters and downpipes. They will also cause minimal disruption to the apartment or townhouse residents.

Inexperienced cleaners may cause damage to gutters they clean or use unsafe work practices to cut corners and lower their costs. It’s also possible they may not have insurance in case something was to go wrong.

At Bax, we are sure to get your gutters flowing! We provide professional body corporate gutter cleaning services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Why use Bax Clean for your body corporate gutter cleaning?

Bax offer a professional, reliable and cost-effective gutter cleaning Melbourne service. We also have extensive OHS knowledge and expertise to clean your gutters professionally, and safely. Also, all of our professional team has undergone extensive training.

We strive to achieve the best results without cutting corners.

  • Value For Money We prefer to offer a high-quality service and provide you with outstanding value. Rather than cutting on quality to undercut our competitors.
  • Professional Equipment We use state of the art gutter cleaning equipment to clean your roof gutters, downpipes, and to remove any blockages or waste.
  • Fully Insured For extra peace of mind, we are also fully insured and accredited for work cover and public liability. As well as work safety at height, working with children check, and more.
  • On Time On the day of the gutter cleaning, our gutter cleaners will confirm our arrival time, and show up in uniform.
  • Results You Can See For every gutter cleaning Melbourne job we undertake, we provide before and after pictures. This lets you see the difference for yourself.

Five easy steps to get started

At Bax, we make it easy to receive a quote and book your gutter cleaning.

  • Step 1 We give you an initial price range estimate.
  • Step 2 We attend onsite at a time convenient to you, to provide a visual inspection and a final quote price.
  • Step 3 We itemise the quote for complete transparency - no nasty surprises here.
  • Step 4 We give you a finalised quote by your provided deadline.
  • Step 5 After receiving your quote, you then arrange a date and time with us to schedule your gutter cleaning.

We work around your schedule

We strive to cause minimal disruption to your body corporate property and tenants. To accommodate your needs, we provide flexible working times between Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 4 pm.

Extra services

Bax also provides extra cleaning services. Our qualified team can also do roof cleaning, building washing, and window cleaning.

We believe in providing you with a one-stop shop for all your body corporate cleaning needs. Combine your body corporate gutter cleaning Melbourne with an extra service at the same time for further savings and convenience.

When was the last time you had the gutters of your body corporate property professionally cleaned?

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