How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

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How to Keep Your Gutters Clean
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May 9, 2018
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Follow our DIY tips for maintaining gutters between cleaning services

If you've been a Melbourne resident for years, you'll know just how unpredictable the weather can be. Wild storms can bring on heavy rainfall that floods your house's gutters if they're not clean. Cleaning and maintaining gutters can help prevent them from overflowing.

When gutters overflow, it can leave your house open to water damage. Autumn can be one of the most problematic seasons for your gutters. Loose leaves, twigs, and dirt can find their way into your gutters and cause a blockage.

To keep your home safe from storm damage, it's important that you keep cleaning and maintaining gutters on a regular basis. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your gutters and prevent further damage occurring to your house's structure.

Rather leave your gutter cleaning to the experts? Book a gutter cleaning service with Bax today.

Safety first

Accessing and maintaining gutters can be dangerous. Before you start cleaning your gutters, ensure you've taken safety precautions. Without the use of proper safety equipment, there's always a risk of falling and sustaining an injury.

If you're using a ladder to access your gutter, you must ensure it's stabilised. Attaching a tool holder to your ladder can make it safer to switch between all the different equipment you're using to clean your gutters.

Getting someone to assist you with cleaning and maintaining gutters is another great way to make the job safer. An assistant can always help secure the ladder while you're cleaning. They can also help dispose of the waste you're cleaning to help the whole process go just a little bit faster.

The right tools for the job

There are a lot of handy tools you can get from your local hardware store for cleaning and maintaining gutters. A pair of gardening gloves will help protect your hands while you clean. A cylindrical brush is perfect for scrubbing down your gutters and removing dirt.

A water jet attachment is perfect for blasting away stubborn pieces of debris. These attachments can simply be plugged into your gardening hose. When you're choosing a bucket or bag for collecting leaves, make sure it's got a sturdy handle that's easy to grip.

A gutter scoop is another popular tool used for cleaning and maintaining gutters. This narrow shovel-like tool is used to scoop up gutter debris. It's common to find plastic versions of this tool that won't scratch your gutters. You'll need a gutter scoop that's thick and sturdy enough to pick up heavy debris.

gloves for gutter cleaning

Cleaning your gutters

The process of cleaning and maintaining your gutters can be broken down into three basic steps. Try and carry out this cleaning process at least twice a year.

Step 1

First off, you'll need to remove all visible debris you find such as leaves and twigs. Use your gutter scoop and bucket to effectively remove debris.

Step 2

After clearing all large debris, you'll most likely find smaller and more stubborn pieces of dirt and mud. For this stage, you'll need to use your brush and water jet. Use your brush to scrub and collect debris for scooping out before blasting away any remaining dirt.

Step 3

When your gutters have been hosed down, it's time to test them for drainage. Hose your gutters down again to test if water efficiently drains. If water stagnates during this process, it's likely that your downpipes are blocked. In this case, use your hose and water jet attachment to blast away debris and unclog your downpipe.

Assess the condition of your gutters

After you have cleaned your gutters, check the structural condition of them. There are a few tell-tall signs that you can look for which reveal if it's time to get new gutters.

Look for holes, cracks, or broken brackets. If you find any signs of these, it's strongly advised you arrange for a roof repair specialist to inspect and repair your roof. Anything that goes unchecked has the potential to damage other parts of your house.

old and damaged gutter

Leaving it to the experts

Since 2012. Bax Solutions have provided Melbourne with a quality gutter cleaning service. Using specialist equipment and procedures, Bax provides a safe and efficient cleaning solution for your gutters.

Professional gutter cleaning is an investment in the condition of your house. While it may seem like a more expensive option than doing it yourself, a professional service could save you thousands in future gutter repairs.

If your gutters aren't cleaned correctly, you run the risk of your home getting damaged by storms and excess buildups of debris. With a professional service from Bax, maintaining gutters has never been easier.

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