Choosing the Right Commercial Window Cleaner

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Choosing the Right Commercial Window Cleaner
Commercial window cleaning
Bax Clean
Bax Clean
July 9, 2015
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Finding a Great Value Commercial Window Cleaner

Business premises are a big part of a business’ image. So, what does your building say about your business?

Not only is a clean a shining building important for your clients, it’s also important for your employees. When people come to work, it helps to have a shiny premises that everyone can feel proud of.

At Bax, our commercial window cleaning service proposes to do just that—to maximise the value of your premises by making the exterior of buildings as clean as possible. We believe that this signals quality to all the stakeholders of your business.

That’s why some cleaners don’t make the cut when it comes to commercial window cleaning. From estimate, quote to clean—cheap commercial window cleaners won’t leave a lasting result, which will ultimately reflect badly on your business. This guide will offer a few tips and tricks to finding the right commercial window cleaner for your business premises.

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Getting an estimate and quote

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As a commercial decision, it’s always prudent to get a number of quotes when looking for a commercial window cleaner. The estimation and quote stage is an early opportunity to judge how professional and thorough a commercial window cleaning service will be. After all, if they are not meticulous at this stage, they will not take the extra time for your windows!

After selecting a company, place a call or email to discuss your requirements and arrange an estimate or quotation. An estimate will allow you to get an understanding of the job’s price range. This estimation will usually have to be confirmed with an onsite visit.

Always insist on an onsite visit to confirm the quote. This is an opportunity to meet the company representative and discuss your requirements face-to-face. The representative should be able to provide an accurate quote at this stage, which may be submitted verbally or via email.

Avoiding cheap cleaners

The proposed price is not the end of the story—it’s what you get for that price which really matters. Naturally, cheap commercial window cleaners cut costs by cutting the quality of their work. This could be on equipment, cleaning products, or even the overall effort. This runs the risk of leaving windows dirty, streaked and spotty with water and soap residue.

Here are some of the ways that cheap commercial cleaners cut costs:

  • Skipping windows that will require more effort to clean
  • Using unfiltered water
  • No scrubbing or detailing.
  • Not cleaning the window sills and frames
  • Using cheap products, or worn and ineffective cleaning materials and equipment
bad commercial cleaners

What to look for

When comparing quotes, also compare price to the level of professionalism, knowledge and reputation. Here are some questions to ask a commercial window cleaner when they are assessing a quote for you:

  • Are you fully insured? If they say no, so should you.
  • How much experience do you have in this field? Make sure the company knows what they’re doing.
  • Can you provide references? Any reputable company should have references to show you.
  • Has there ever been a claim made against you? If the answer is yes, be wary.

Why choose Bax?

The quality of our services will reflect on your business. That’s why we make sure that our services are to a high, professional standard. When you go with Bax for your commercial window cleaning needs, you can expect:

  • A timely turn around for itemised quotes and purchase orders
  • Competitively priced services
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Highly qualified and fully insured staff
  • A ‘Safe Work Method Statement’ completed before the job commences

Not only will our service offer a high quality clean, but leave a longer lasting result – that means less time between cleans!

Don’t take our word for it?

A key element of our business is customer referrals, the satisfied customers that recommend our services and also our industry affiliates, professionals like Express Plumbing who deal with blocked drains on a daily basis and are often asked for a reputable window cleaner whilst on the job.

Looking for a quality commercial window cleaner? Call [phone] and get a quote today.

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