Common mistakes people make when cleaning windows

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Common mistakes people make when cleaning windows
Mistakes when cleaning windows
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March 15, 2021
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How to clean windows with a streak-free finish

Have you ever walked into a smart office or commercial centre only to be put off by streaky windows? There may be other defects that are far more serious. Still, somehow streaky windows catch our attention and affect our first impressions. That impression could make the difference between returning to the business as a regular customer or not.

The good news is that it doesn't have to happen to us. It is possible to clean your windows with a streak-free finish and protect the impression your business creates.

Bax Clean is a professional commercial window cleaning service that keeps your windows streak-free, giving you a great first impression with your clients.

What causes window streaks?

window cleaning chemical residue

1. Chemical residue

It's strange but true that your window cleaning cloth may actually be causing your streaking problem. Using that cloth for other cleaning purposes causes chemical residue or oil to soak into the cloth. That residue causes streaks.

2. The wrong cleaning agent

There are several cleaning agents on the market but not all work effectively. The best approach uses just a small amount of dishwashing liquid with water, but it is wise to explore which product works best for you. One thing to avoid is a high evaporation rate. If all the cleaning solution liquid evaporates while you are still cleaning, streaks will be left behind. The evaporation rate is especially significant for hot conditions.

3. The wrong cloth

window cleaning cloth

Many people wash their windows with paper towels. But, this is guaranteed to leave lint traces on your window and can lead to streaks as well. Only lint-free microfibre cloths can achieve the streak-free finish you are hoping for.

4. Hard water

Hard water contains minerals, and the more minerals in the water, the harder it is to obtain a streak-free result. In extreme cases, it may be worthwhile to use distilled water when no alternative water supply is available.

5. Worn squeegees

A squeegee is a rubber blade known to wipe the water off a glass surface completely without leaving marks behind. But squeegees can get worn. The sun makes them brittle, so they crack. Sharp edges can slice the rubber affecting its performance. The rubber blade can also wear down, creating a rounded edge. Change your rubber blades regularly to maintain optimum performance.

How to clean windows without leaving streaks

window cleaning

Cleaning windows with a streak-free result is simple to achieve with the right equipment and process. Follow these steps for the best results:

  • Make up your cleaning solution bearing in mind the limitations of water quality and cleaning agent listed above.
  • Use a sponge scrubber to clean the window by spreading the liquid over the entire pane and rubbing it on places where dirt is stuck to the glass. Put a drop of neat cleaning agent onto the sponge if the dirt will not clean.
  • Start from the bottom of the pane and work up. This will prevent dirty water from dripping onto the frame below.
  • Use a rubber squeegee to clean the water from the glass. Start at the top corner and make horizontal stroked one after the other. Ensure the top frame is free of water so that it does not drip onto the pane once you have already cleaned it.
  • Wipe the rubber blade after each stroke using the scrubber or a dry cloth. This prevents the squeegee from leaving a trail of water on the next stroke.
  • Make sure you remove all the water from the window. Any stripes or drops of water left behind will mark the window.
  • Wipe around the window frame with a microfibre cloth once the window is clean. This prevents any water from running onto the window later and destroying your hard work.
  • Use a microfibre cloth to buff the window. The microfibres do not attract lint and will not leave any dirt on the window. Buffing removes any traces or marks left on the glass after using the squeegee.

Why use a professional cleaning service

While anyone can follow the steps outlined above and achieve streak-free windows, professional cleaners perform this task every day. They have all the equipment on hand and keep their squeegees in good condition. They have also tested the cleaning agent options available and already use products known to give good results.

Professional cleaners work in various conditions, meaning that they have probably already faced the same challenges you face. They know what techniques and methods will be effective and do not waste time finding a solution.

The reputation of a professional cleaner is tied to the service they offer. It is in their best interests to clean windows with a streak-free finish to maintain their clients and attract new ones.

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