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How to clean double pane windows
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September 2, 2019
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Why it pays to have your double pane windows professionally cleaned

You notice a windowpane is a little foggy so you wipe the inside, but it doesn’t help. You wipe the outside and get the same result, and that’s when you realise – the cloudiness is inside your double pane window.

Double pane windows do an amazing job of insulating your home or office against Melbourne’s climate extremes, improving energy efficiency, reducing heat loss and gain and minimising your power bills and carbon footprint. But once they become cloudy, they can be difficult to clean.

To minimise the incidence of problems with your double pane windows, Bax Clean recommend a professional window clean every three to six months.

Whether you have a single or multi-storey home, apartment or offices, contact us for a non-obligation window-cleaning quote.

Airtight seals

Double pane windows

Double pane windows consist of two panes of glass with an airtight seal that locks in a layer of air (or a special gas) between them. It’s this combination of the two glass panes and the insulating pocket that helps keep you warmer or cooler than a single pane of glass would.

During the manufacturing process, any moisture is removed from the space between the panes before sealing. But let’s face it, Melbourne windows have a rough life.

Apart from the usual slamming and banging they have to withstand the extremes of our weather, damaging ultraviolet rays, wayward cricket balls and the occasional misdirected bird.

Rough handling

Careless handling and harsh chemicals used during unprofessional window cleaning can also add to the stress on double pane windows, causing damage to their airtight seals.

Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time before moisture enters the gap between the panes and begins condensing, causing that dreaded internal fogging.

Failing double pane windows are not always easy to spot. Damage often only becomes visible once a compromised window is heated by direct sunlight, causing water to collect on the cooler inner pane.

A window on the shadier side of your home may go damaged for much longer without being detected, leading to increased heating and cooling bills without you realising.

What you can do

Window cleaners melbourne

If a thorough cleaning inside and out fails to clear up the problem and your double pane windows remain cloudy, try these tips:

  • Check if you your double pane windows are of a type that can be taken apart and cleaned internally. If so, ensure they are perfectly dry before reassembling.
  • Contact the manufacturer or installer. Many double pane windows come with good long-term guarantees. If you have the installer’s details or you can spot a manufacturer’s label, contact them to establish if they can help.
  • Some homeowners report that placing a dehumidifier near the window or a moisture absorber placed along the bottom edges of the affected panes can reduce internal fogging.
  • Instructions can be found on the internet for DIY options that involve drilling tiny holes in the corner of the window and inserting drying agents such as alcohol into the gap between the panes. WARNING: is a high-risk fix that could destroy your windows.

Call in the experts

Avoid the risk of damage to your double pane windows by outsourcing your home, business, or high rise window cleaning to the experts.

Bax Clean's qualified, experienced, uniformed window cleaning team are all accredited and insured, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service.

Our window cleaners know the correct procedures and have the right equipment for cleaning double pane windows in homes or offices, and at any height.

The Bax Clean window cleaning process

  • We begin by clearing cobwebs and debris from the glass and frame. Any fly screens are then removed and thoroughly cleaned. Upon request, our cleaners can repair slightly damaged screens or fit and install new ones for you.
  • We use microfibre applicators to brush and polish the glass with the application of window-cleaning solution.
  • Residual solution is then removed using professional-grade squeegee rubber blades so that the dried glass is perfectly clear and streak-free.

What else we can do for you

Upon request, our window cleaners can apply EnduroShield surface protection to your window. After application, your windows will be more resistant to dirt and grime, requiring less frequent cleaning and less risk of damage.

Our teams are fully accredited applicators of this product, and can also apply EnduroShield to other materials and surfaces including stainless steel, grout and tile surfaces.

Bax also offer professional roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing of your patio, tiles, bricks, concrete, or fences, and removal of cobwebs from high points your home.

And wherever you are in Melbourne, we'll be there on time, every time, at a time that suits you - even over weekends.

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