Cost Considerations for Professional Window Cleaning

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Cost Considerations for Professional Window Cleaning
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March 16, 2017
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Know What You’re Paying For

It’s human nature to want to save a dollar. Everybody loves that feeling of finding a bargain price for a quality service. The trouble lies in finding that ideal balance, between good service and good pricing.

When it comes to professional window cleaning, there are a lot of different companies out there, all with different price points. Obviously, the cheaper option will be the most tempting. But if you want to see your beautiful mug reflected back at you in your fresh-cleaned windows, sometimes it’s best to resist the temptation of the lowest price.

Professional window cleaning has a lot more to it than just spray, wipe, repeat. For someone in the business, there is a whole tool-kit of pre-requisites before one can go about attaining that polished sheen. At Bax Clean, we are adamant that all of these essentials are provided with the utmost level of excellence. We don’t skimp on quality, and neither should you.

1. Insurance

The team at Bax Clean are all trained professionals, carefully selected for their meticulous and passionate approach to window cleaning. Whether they’ve got two feet firmly planted on the ground or they’re suspended 30 storeys in the air, they always have their heads screwed tight and their mind on the job.

However, in case anything should happen on the journey to window perfection, you can have confidence in Bax. All of our window cleaners are fully-insured, which means that on the very rare occasion an incident should occur, you’re completely covered.

2. Training

The team at Bax are highly trained to achieve excellence at any height, and are continually learning how to improve your results. The cost of Bax Clean's window cleaning reflects the quality of our services, with the benefit being windows you can see your pores in.

When choosing a professional window cleaner, keep in mind that residential window cleaners are probably not properly trained (or insured) to clean commercial or high rise windows. For your sake, this is something that is best to avoid. If you want to have confidence in achieving a spotless outcome, be sure to choose your window cleaner wisely.

3. Equipment

To get the best results from your window cleaning professional, the most important consideration is whether or not they possess the right equipment for the job. And, just as importantly, whether or not they have taken the effort to invest in quality.

The following list of items are all essential to any quality window cleaner’s tool-kit, and items that all of our Bax cleaners possess:

  • Bucket – must be wide enough to fit both squeegee and mop
  • Squeegee – there are huge differences in quality between the different squeegees available on the market. Since this is the most important tool of all, it’s imperative to invest in quality. To avoid streaks, it is also important to regularly replace the squeegee’s rubber strip, or once it is worn out on both sides.
  • Mop – window cleaning mops come in two pieces, with a detachable sleeve element. There are a variety of sleeves available for different window cleaning purposes and outcomes. Porcupine sleeves have pieces of plastic throughout the material for effective removal of tough marks; the scourer has a scouring strip on the side; water retention sleeves are handy for more difficult jobs, as they can be kept in use without returning to the bucket for much longer.
  • Scraper – useful for removing tough marks, such as paint, varnish, or stubborn insect marks. They come in different sizes for different jobs: pocket-sized scrapers are useful for smaller jobs, but for larger areas, a larger scraper is required.
  • Detergent – the quality of the detergent used directly affects the outcome of your window. Some cleaners simply use vinegar in water as a cheap alternative to established brands, but the issue with this is that it doesn’t sud up. Suds help lubricate the squeegee as it passes over the glass, helping to avoid the creation of new marks and also making it easier to see existing water marks that need removing.
  • Rags – could just be an old towel.
  • Extendable poles for extra reach.
  • Step ladders and extension ladders.
  • Tool belt – supports a side bucket and also acts as storage for scrapers and rags.
  • Bucket-on-a-belt – a small bucket that is attached to a belt on the cleaner’s waist, and hangs down his or her leg. This is handy for storing mops and squeegees, leaving the cleaner with two hands free to climb roofs, ladders etc.
  • Micro-fibre cloth – removes those final water marks at the end of the job. Professional window cleaners will go through approximately 1-2 of these per house, but the bigger the job, the higher the count.
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4. Transport

As a final consideration, window cleaners are by nature on the road for most of the day, and often need to travel large distances in a short amount of time. Professional window cleaning entails a lot of travel time which, at the end of the day, translates into a significant amount of petrol money.

With all of this in mind, next time you feel the sweet temptation to opt for the lowest-priced window cleaning service, remember that there could be a good reason for the enticingly low figure. If your window cleaner of choice has economised on just a few of these aspects, it is likely you will be left with streaky windows at the end of the day. And what’s the point in that?

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