How much does office window cleaning cost?

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How much does office window cleaning cost?
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November 28, 2018
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From single storey to high rise commercial buildings. Learn what makes a fair and honest quote.

  • Cleaning costs are influenced by the scope and difficulty of the job.
  • Commercial window cleaners are fully-equipped and insured before getting to work.
  • Always demand an honest, upfront quote that details every cost of the service.

Have you ever wondered what goes into the cost of your office window cleaning service? It’s not just the hours spent on labour or how many staff are required. Window cleaners like Bax Clean offer a comprehensive service in order to achieve crystal clear results.

The cost of your office's window cleaning job can be influenced by the scope and difficulty of the job being performed. Window cleaners need the right training and equipment to work on high-rise buildings. They also need insurance cover for working at certain heights.

The types of cleaning products being used can also influence the pricing. So the next time you enlist the services of an office window cleaner, ask for a detailed quote. If the costs of your quote don't add up, chances are you're not getting what you're paying for.

Contact Bax Clean for an honest quote on your office window cleaning.

What am I paying for?

office window cleaning cost

Premium window cleaning services charge more because of the quality of the service you're receiving. What goes into improving the quality of service might surprise you.

There are a number of requirements premium window cleaners need to fulfil in order to clean windows for commercial and high rise buildings. An office window cleaner requires specialist training, insurance cover, and safety equipment. If a window cleaner is offering you an incredibly low rate, it's likely they don't have one or all of these things.

Are you willing to hire a window cleaner that isn't insured or trained for cleaning your type of windows? It's up to you to recognise the risks and decide whether the low office window cleaning cost is worth it.

So, how much does office window cleaning cost on average?

Your office window cleaning cost is determined by several key factors. These include the number of windows cleaned, how high they are, and any additional products used (such as surface protection) can affect the service price.

Average office window cleaning prices are as follows:

[table][thead][tr][th]Office type[/th][th]External cleaning[/th][th]Internal glass partition cleaning[/th][/tr][/thead][tbody][tr][td]Small office[/td][td]$150–$300[/td][td]Quoted onsite[/td][/tr][tr][td]Medium office[/td][td]$300–$600[/td][td]Quoted onsite[/td][/tr][tr][td]Large office[/td][td]$600–$1,500+[/td][td]Quoted onsite[/td][/tr][/tbody][/table]

Prices last updated in August 2023 and are estimates only.

Check out our office window cleaning services for more information about pricing and to request a quote.

How is my office window cleaning cost calculated?

Not all window cleaners take the same approach when calculating your office window cleaning cost. Here at Bax Clean, we establish an initial quote after a site visit or after assessing photos of the building. The itemised quote we provide includes all glass areas of the building. Once the quote is calculated, it's emailed to the customer for review.

The quote includes the cost of cleaning the internal and external sides of the perimeter glass as well as both sides of the office partitions. Any highlight/roof windows are also included in the initial quote. Each of these tasks is clearly itemised in a quote, allowing the customer to consider and choose the various glass cleaning options available.

The cost of your office window cleaning can also be calculated hourly. Some window cleaners choose to charge by the hour when it comes to quoting you for their services. When a window cleaning job unexpectedly goes over time, it's hard to predict how much your service will cost you. You could end up being charged way over what you initially budgeted for.

This is why we prefer to provide an honest and upfront quote of your office window cleaning cost. With an accurate upfront quote, there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when the job is done.

How often should I get my office windows cleaned?

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This really depends on your individual office building. The environment your office is in may be prone to dust and dirt. A close proximity to trees may also lead to excess pollen and pests ruining the appearance of your windows. These environments may call for more regular window cleaning.

If your office is located on street-level and has street-facing windows, it's likely that they will get exposed to everyday pollution. Car exhaust fumes and dirt from nearby construction sites can cling to glass surfaces and leave unsightly marks.

For street-level windows, we recommend a monthly window cleaning service. For most high-rise offices, we recommend quarterly, bi-annual, or annual office window cleans.

Why choose Bax Clean?

Bax window cleaners are dedicated to providing great customer service. That’s why you’ll always receive an honest service quote. Our qualified and experienced window cleaners deliver flawless cleaning results that will help to polish up the look of your office building.

With the addition of surface protection products like EnduroShield applied to your windows, you can enjoy longer-lasting results from Bax Clean. Longer periods between window cleans will also benefit your company’s budget forecasts.

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