What’s Included in a Window Cleaning Quote?

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What’s Included in a Window Cleaning Quote?
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Bax Clean
Bax Clean
March 16, 2017
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Need a professional window clean?

Let’s make things clear.

Cleaning glass windows can be tricky. A rushed window clean without the right materials and equipment will leave your windows looking no better than when they started, with streaks, smears and spots obstructing your view.

When comparing window cleaning quotes, the lowest price is not always the best price. Instead, consider who will give you the best value for money – that is, a high quality and lasting result, at a competitive price.

Discount window cleaners will usually cut corners to keep their price low. This could be on equipment, cleaning products, or even the overall effort.

Find out below what is involved in our cleaning service, and what shortcuts a cheap window cleaner will take, to offer a low price. Residential window cleaning, Commercial or High Rise, we have the right equipment for any job.

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What do you pay for?

In addition to the cleaning process, our costs also include the used materials, equipment, expertise and technology.

Cleaning process

Our window clean will leave your windows crystal clear, for longer. We go the extra effort before and after the application of soap and water to ensure you can get the most out of your view.

  • We clear and scrub cobwebs and debris from the glass and surrounding window. Any fly screens are then removed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • We use a microfiber applicator to brush and polish the glass with the application of soap and water
  • Residual water and soap is cleared using professional grade squeegee rubber blades so that the dried glass is perfectly clear and streak-free


During this process we use and wear-out our cleaning materials. On a typical day of cleaning we go through squeegee rubber blades and glides, razor blades, soap, scrubbing pads, microfiber clothes and towels.

There is a lot of equipment used to make sure that every window, no matter how grimy or dirty, gets the attention it needs.

Equipment and expertise

Each job is unique. At Bax Clean, we get the right tools to get the best results for every job.

To access high windows we need to consider the use of ladders, extension poles and water fed poles, scissor lifts or boom lifts and rope access.

The safe and efficient operation of this equipment requires expertise from our staff, who require personal safety systems and insurance. We also need to maintain and service this equipment for general wear and tear after each job.

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To continually improve the efficiency and quality of our service, we use the latest window cleaning technology available.

The water fed pole system is one such technology. This system uses de-ionisation and reverse osmosis filtration systems to purify water then feed it into a carbon fibre pole, up to 20 metres in height.

Combined with a specialised cleaning brush, this system is a safe and efficient way to get a quality, spot-free window clean.

The shortcuts taken by cheap window cleaners

Not every professional window cleaner is as thorough as we are. A cheap window cleaner will cut costs by cutting quality.

This runs the risk of leaving your windows still dirty, or streaked and spotted with water and soapy residue.

Here are some of the shortcuts a cheap window cleaner will take:

  • Skipping windows that will require more effort to clean, such as very dirty windows or windows with flyscreens
  • Using unfiltered water
  • Hosing down windows without removing water. The water will dry with streaks and run marks
  • No scrubbing or detailing. This will leave insect marks and grime still embedded on the outside surface
  • Not cleaning the window sills and frames or not removing water which collects on the sills and frames
  • Using cheap products, or worn and ineffective cleaning materials and equipment

Your choice is crystal clear.

A quality clean is value for money. At Bax Clean, we make sure your windows shine. Our staff use high quality products and equipment to ensure a great result for every unique job – no matter how tall.

Not only will our service offer a high quality clean, but give a longer lasting result – that means less time between cleans!

Looking for a quality window cleaner? Call [phone] and get a quote today.

Not every professional window cleaner is as thorough as we are. A cheap window cleaner will cut costs by cutting quality.

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