When Should I Get Gutters Cleaned?

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When Should I Get Gutters Cleaned?
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August 26, 2015
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Call in gutter cleaning professional when you see these signs

Why keep your gutters clean?

It can be easy to forget about your gutters. But those pieces of metal hanging off the sides of your roof are pretty important, not only to the look of your home, but to the condition and upkeep of your roof, walls and structural foundations. A guttering system safely diverts rainfall it into stormwater, stopping it from seeping into the building and its foundations.

The problem is that gutters can fill up with plenty of things other than water, such as leaves, sticks and dirt. When this debris builds up it stops your gutters from functioning the way they should. Overflowing water will damage the surrounding roof and timber, and in some cases cause structural damage to walls and foundations. Cracked, streaked and rotting homes are not just unattractive, they can end up costing thousands to get repaired.

Gutter cleaning is also pretty easy to put off. It’s never a safe or easy chore to do, let alone an enjoyable one! Thankfully, you can get the professionals to do it for you. At Bax, we are specialists in working at heights—from windows to gutters, we make sure that your home is looking the best it can be.

So when you see the following signs and symptoms of an unclean gutter, contact our professional gutter cleaning service and ask us about window and guttering cleaning packages. Or email us to get a quote.

When should I get my gutters cleaned?

It’s fairly easy to tell when your gutters need a clean. Gutters should be able to handle most normal periods of rainfall, so when gutters begin to drip or completely overflow, its usually a sign that they need a clean or professional inspection. Sometimes birds will also hang around your roof to make the most of the pooling water caused by blocked guttering.

As a general rule, gutters should be cleaned at least once a year. The best time to clean is during autumn or late winter after all nearby trees have shed their leaves. As attractive as the colours of autumn are, all those falling leaves are sure to end up in your guttering system!

However, in some cases, gutters will need to be cleaned more than just once a year. Some trees, such as pine and eucalyptus trees, will shed throughout the year—particularly when stressed during the hot summer months. Having leaves in gutters during summer is a fire hazard, especially in bushfire prone areas, and is more than enough of a reason to schedule in a gutter clean.

Why should I leave gutter cleaning to the professionals?

First of all, cleaning gutters yourself is not much fun. When you find some free time, isn’t there something else you would be rather doing than cleaning out your gutters? A professional service is much quicker, easier and hassle free than doing it yourself.

Secondly, it’s much safer. Cleaning gutters yourself can be a risky task, especially if you need to access the roof of a multi-story building. You only need to fall 2 metres off a ladder to risk serious injury. Our cleaning professionals are fully trained at to work at heights, and will use safety equipment to make sure that they—and your roof and gutters—are safe and secure.

Finally, a gutter cleaning professional can help you save money. Our team can provide feedback for future prevention, including how to avoid leaf build up and as well as identifying tiles and seals that may be leaking. This information will increase the lifespan of your gutters and could save you thousands in gutter repair or replacement.

cleaned gutters above

Choose Bax for extra value for your home.

Why Choose Bax Clean for Your Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne?

  • Window and gutter cleaning packages available
  • Fully insured and ‘Work Safely at Heights’ certified
  • Available 7 days a week, Melbourne wide
  • We can service multi-storey properties
  • Friendly staff with extensive experience
  • Quality workmanship guaranteed

At Bax we always go the extra mile to produce the best results. We can offer you a complete home or office package for one simple, convenient and cost effective solution. We our help, you can make your home or office gutter look its best.

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