Why you need to organise your gutter cleaning before winter.

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Why you need to organise your gutter cleaning before winter.
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August 15, 2017
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Don’t wait till the rain arrives.

As our days become shorter, wetter and colder, gutter cleaning is unlikely to be high on your priority list. Who wants to leave the warm, comfy confines of the couch? At this time of year, we’re all guilty of neglecting our home maintenance list. But, going into winter with a full season of autumn leaves blocking your gutters may be a very costly mistake. It’s not the time to neglect this simple, yet important part of your home upkeep. Your gutter system plays an integral role in protecting your home from highly destructive water damage. Our weather patterns can be unpredictable, but winter is the time we keep tabs on the rain radar and watch for the inevitable – the rain’s coming. It makes sense to ensure your gutters are prepared for the winter rainfall - before it arrives.

Regularly inspect, or you may regret.

Your gutter system has been designed to do one important task: to channel water away from the foundation.

The most common problems that prevent your gutters from doing their job include:

1. Gutters or downpipes become blocked with debris and leaf litter.

2. Gutters or downpipes are damaged or cracked. This damage can be caused by storm damage, tree damage, ladders, or maintenance neglect.

3. Incorrect installation of guttering systems. This impacts water flow speed and direction.

Blocked and damaged gutters will lead to costly damage to your home.

Your gutters perform a simple yet crucial role in protecting the structural integrity of your home. Blocked gutters filled with debris and leaf litter prevent rainwater from flowing to your downpipes and into the storm water or your water tank. This causes your gutters to fill with water and overflow. Water is destructive and the damage can be very expensive to repair.

Ceiling Water Damage Main Support

Likely damage to your home can include:

  • Without a route of escape, an overflow of water is likely to splash back on to your roof and may start to seep through your roof tiles. Left unnoticed, water penetrating into your roof is dangerous and can lead to the collapse of your ceiling.
  • Water may pool around the perimeter of your home, which can impact the condition of your soil. External water pooling can lead to foundation damage and movement in your footings.
  • Minor leaks in your gutters and downpipes can cause water stains, rust, bubbling paintwork or timber rot. Behind the scenes, water leaks create dampness and mould. Left unattended, small leaks can lead to major water damage.

This type of damage is complex and expensive to repair, but it is easy to prevent with a regular gutter clean. It’s important to be aware that damage like this caused by a neglected guttering system is not always covered by your home insurance. The cost of a routine gutter clean will seem insignificant compared to the repair work you may be left to fund from your own pocket.

Regular gutter maintenance reduces risk to your family’s health.

You may think a minor leak from your gutters or downpipes is nothing to be concerned about. It may not concern you because you only notice the leak or overflow during or after a downpour. Think again.

Dampness, mould and bacteria.

Excess moisture can lead to mould growth and bacterial growth within a short period of time. Your blocked gutters, roof and space under the house can create a dark, damp haven for this bacteria and mould to flourish. For those who suffer from respiratory problems or allergies, this can trigger illness.

Unwanted pests and water contamination.

Stagnant water attracts unwanted pests such as rodents, mosquitoes and cockroaches. Such pests thrive in damp environments. Their waste material is also a known trigger for respiratory complaints. If you have installed a water catchment system, decomposing matter will impact the quality of your tank water and may also pose a serious health risk.

By keeping your water drainage system in good condition, you’re doing your home, wallet, and health a favour.

Fall Gutter Clean Main Support

Now is the time to clean your gutters.

You’re probably convinced by now that cleaning your gutters prior to winter is something you need to tick off your maintenance list. But let’s face it, gutter cleaning is not the most desirable job. It’s also not the best way to spend your weekend.

Use a professional gutter cleaning service.

It’s safe to say, using a professional roof and gutter cleaning service is much more appealing and convenient than doing it yourself.

A professional gutter cleaning service provides trained and experienced staff. A professional gutter cleaner will have access to the latest equipment to ensure your gutter cleaning is completed safely. Their knowledge means they can identify early signs of damage and repair work that may be needed.

If you’re looking for a professional gutter cleaner, make sure they’re certified to Work Safely at Heights and insured for Work Cover and Public Liability.

Or, you could call us! We’ve got you covered. Don’t wait for winter. Book your gutter clean now on [phone].

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