How to clean a floor to ceiling window?

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How to clean a floor to ceiling window?
Residential window cleaning
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July 11, 2019
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Oversized window cleaning made easy

Why did you choose the floor to ceiling windows in your home?

Likely, it was for the extra oomph they bring to the place. Large statement windows can make rooms appear larger, they allow for more natural light, and often provide gorgeous views.

Whether your bedroom overlooks your prized garden, or your lounge boasts views of the Melbourne skyline, you’ve made a wise choice by investing in floor to ceiling windows — and it’s in your interest to keep them clean.

However, when it comes to residential window cleaning, oversized frames aren’t exactly known for being easy. As the name suggests, floor to ceiling windows require working from both hard-to-reach highs and fiddly lows.

As Melbourne’s residential window cleaning experts, we have plenty to say on this topic. With our handy guide, you can learn how to maintain your floor to ceiling windows— and when to turn to the pros for help.

How do I clean my floor to ceiling window?

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Cleaning an oversized window is far more manageable than you think! First, we need to determine what style of floor to ceiling windows you have in your home:

The window wall

The window wall isn’t just a way to see out of your house— it’s an always-changing piece of artwork. A “glass wall” means enjoying a breathtaking sunset while you cook dinner. It means watching the waves crash on a sweltering day without leaving the relief of your aircon. It means staring out at a sky full of stars while brushing your teeth.

As the name suggests; a window wall covers the surface of a room. It makes for impressive views, but when it comes to cleaning, the window wall also means planning. After all, that single pane covers a large amount of space and often stretches up towards very tall ceilings. Fair warning: it can be tough to reach those high spots, you'll need a cleaning extension pole at the very least.

Cathedral-style windows

What a showstopper. Custom-made cathedral style windows are beautiful additions to any room, giving it an ornate, Gothic aesthetic. Like the aforementioned glass wall, a cathedral style window is more than just a way to see outside— it’s a piece of art.

As beautiful as the cathedral style can be, residential window cleaning for a framework this ornate requires serious attention to detail. Otherwise, little nooks and crannies can get overlooked and accumulate dirt and grime. Use a microfiber cloth to collect dust before adding detergents.

Geometric Windows

Oversized, geometric windows can make a space shine without blowing through the budget. They’re a lower-priced alternative to the single pane or cathedral frames and offer an impressive range of creative options.

Geometric windows are trickier to clean than single pane wall-types, as they require the consideration of multiple frames. You'll required assorted size squeegees to clean various shapes of your window surface.

Window cleaning essentials

Residential window cleaning

Now that we’ve sorted which type of floor to ceiling windows you have in your home, we can go over the basics of residential window cleaning for oversized panes. Always remember:

Safety First

Washing floor to ceiling windows requires cleaners to climb ladders and reach taller heights than regular frames would. We recommend whacking some anti-slip tape onto those ladder steps to ensure that your feet stay where they’re meant to.

Consider the highs and lows

When we speak about floor to ceiling windows, we tend to focus on the latter part of the name. After all, high ceilings tend to catch the eye a bit more than floor-level glass. However, the lower parts of your windows can certainly accumulate dirt, dust, and smudges— especially if you happen to have little ones toddling about. Remind yourself that these spots need to be cleaned as well.

Let the professionals step in

Remember, some jobs are best left for experts. If you’re unsure about cleaning your own floor to ceiling window, don’t do it. Instead, let a professional do the job properly.

I’m ready for the pros. Where in Melbourne can I find quality residential and commercial window cleaning?

We’ve got you covered. At Bax Clean, we provide professional and thorough residential, commercial, high rise, and owners corp window cleaning across Melbourne and it’s many suburbs.  

Our cleaners, who are trained in height safety, are here to make sure that every crevice of your statement window is sparkling clean. Get in touch today for a quick quote — we can’t wait to show you what we can do.

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