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How to clean shower glass
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October 1, 2023
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Cleaning and protecting shower glass

Showers are one of the harshest environments in a home because of their regular use, the hardness of water, and the soap scum that accumulates around the area. They are notorious for developing a cloudy appearance and accumulating soap scum. Even fingerprints stand out on a glass surface, giving an unsightly appearance.

The result is a bathroom that looks dirty and is unappealing to use. But a few simple tips can help get shower glass clean, creating a great atmosphere to destress and unwind after a long day.

Bax Clean uses EnduroShield to keep shower glass clean and protected. For more information about this product, or to book shower or other window cleaning at your home, get in touch with Bax Clean.

What causes cloudy shower glass and soap scum?

dirty shower glass

Contrary to what you may think, soap scum is not only the residue of soap left behind after showering. These tiny pieces of soap actually combine with minerals in the water, which hardens them and allows them to adhere so tightly to the shower glass. The presence of minerals causes problems because they etch the glass, making marks that are impossible to remove by regular glass cleaning.

These same minerals in tap water also make the shower glass cloudy after use. Chalk, calcium, lime, and magnesium cause water to become hard. The more minerals in the water, the more likely it is for the shower glass to be affected.

Daily routines

Wiping down the shower glass with a squeegee or microfibre cloth after use is an effective way to reduce the buildup of minerals and soap scum. This daily routine is an important way to prevent permanent etching, which can happen if contaminants remain on the glass surface for extended periods.

Daily maintenance goes a long way towards protecting the glass from permanent damage and keeps the bathroom and shower area looking neat and attractive.

Deep cleans

Even with a daily cleaning routine, shower glass requires a deeper clean from time to time. Chemical products help to remove stubborn marks and soap scum. However, chemical products can damage your skin and can be harmful to the environment.

You can always protect yourself by wearing gloves to protect your skin when doing a deep clean of your shower. But, a barrier product can help prevent the buildup of soap scum and the cloudy appearance of glass, thus minimising the need for harsh chemicals in the first place.


Barrier products

When you look at glass under a microscope, the surface layer is not as flat as it appears to the human eye. The surface looks more like an undulating landscape with hills and valleys. EnduroShield lines the glass surface with a coating that is just 2 molecules thick.

It is a non-stick coating that remains on the shower glass as long-lasting surface protection. This product repels water contaminants, including soap scum, dirt, and fingerprints, so that your shower glass maintains its shiny appearance despite regular use.

EnduroShield bonds to the glass surface, making it highly durable for long term protection. When applied to new glass before installation, the coating could last for more than ten years.

However, when applying EnduroShield to glass already in use, it has a shorter lifespan. A typical application can last for three to five years before needing a fresh coating. It is essential to clean the shower glass thoroughly before application to ensure the best performance.

Benefits of EnduroShield

before and after of a window treated with EnduroShield

Shower glass with EnduroShield is quick and easy to clean. Because water and soap scum run off the glass, cleaning can be up to 90% faster than for shower glass with no EnduroShield layer. Additionally, there is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals. A mild detergent and a microfibre cloth will quickly remove any cloudiness and scum that may be present on the glass surface.

EnduroShield also protects against staining and etching. Once a shower glass is stained or etched, it is impossible to remove these markings. The shower glass will eventually have to be replaced. But with EnduroShield, the glass is protected from permanent damage. Thus EnduroShield extends the life of shower glass and delays the costly expense of replacement.

Preparation for EnduroShield

It is vital to clean all watermarks, debris and scum from the shower glass before applying EnduroShield. Applying the product to dirty glass will encapsulate the dirt between the protective layer and the glass. This means that it will not clean off once the EnduroShield is applied.

Bax Clean has the products and expertise to clean shower glass thoroughly in preparation for the application of EnduroShield. Our staff are trained and equipped to prepare the shower glass effectively to achieve the best results.

Contact Bax Clean

Bax Clean offers professional cleaning services all across Melbourne for windows, roofs and shower glass. Our trained staff can remove stubborn marks and dirt from your shower glass in preparation to apply EnduroShield. Our expert application of the product will ensure you get the best long-lasting performance.

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