Save With Bax’s Window and Gutter Cleaning Package

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Save With Bax’s Window and Gutter Cleaning Package
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September 14, 2015
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Get a Discount When You Bundle Gutter and Window Cleaning

Take a look outside your home or office building. Do you see foggy windows framed with webs and muck? Or stains and streaks from overflowing gutters? It sounds like it’s time to get your house or workplace back into shape and looking beautiful again. The first step is to get those windows sparkling and those clogged gutters cleaned.

For a professional service, you may think you need to call two separate companies—which means dealing with two separate invoices and two separate teams arriving on two separate days. If that sounds like a big hassle, then you’re in luck: at Bax, not only do we offer professional window cleaning, we can also clean out your gutters.

With the Bax Gutter and Window Cleaning Package, you will:

  • Reduce overall cost of cleaning: save 20% on gutter cleaning costs
  • Only require one booking for ease and convenience
  • Get all the cleaning done right and all in one day

So if you need window or gutter cleaning services for your home or office, Bax is up to the task. Contact our Melbourne team today to discuss how you could save on your window and gutter cleaning needs.

The benefits of bundling

Save 20% on your gutter cleaning costs The best part about bundling your Bax services together? The savings. The Bax Clean Window and Gutter Cleaning Package means that our team can work efficiently to get both services done the same day. That means we can pass on the savings to you: the gutter cleaning service will receive a 20% discount from the full price.

One booking, less stress. Not only will our Window and Gutter Cleaning Package save you money, it’s also much more convenient than attempting to juggle a number of cleaning services. And by going with our package you’ll be able to ensure that the overall quality of the work completed has been to a high standard.

Get the cleaning done right, in the right order! Getting one team to complete all your window and gutter cleaning needs ensures that everything is completed in the right order.

Customise your cleaning needs for extra savings

Although window and gutter cleaning are our most common services packaged together, we can also create a customised solution for you, depending on your needs. Simply select the services you require and we can negotiate a custom package for you.

Our team of professionals are highly trained in performing the manyservices.

In addition to our comprehensive range, we always make sure that our cleaning services are to a high, professional standard. When you go with Bax for your commercial window cleaning needs, you can expect:

  • A timely turn around for itemised quotes and purchase orders
  • Competitively priced services and cleaning packages
  • Workmanship guaranteed
  • Highly qualified and fully insured staff

We can offer you a complete home or office package for one simple, convenient and cost effective solution. With our help, you can make your home or office look its best.

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